Young Lawyers Awards

To promote excellence in the knowledge and practice of business law, the Garrigues Foundation and Centro de Estudios Garrigues, has announced the 20th edition of the awards (2020).

First prize


+ 100% scholarship*

Second and third prizes

100% and 75% scholarships*


Nine grants, of 50% for each finalist*

All entrants will receive a certificate of participation.


Purpose: The Young Lawyers Award is granted to the candidate who obtains the highest score in a test evaluated by a panel of experts. The test consists of drafting and orally defending an opinion on a business law case study, from a theoretical and practical standpoint.

Aimed at: Final year law students

Application deadline: The deadline for applications is 25th March 2020.


The following prizes will be awarded:

  • First Prize: €6,000, plus a full scholarship to study a Master’s Degree in Legal Practice at Centro de Estudios Garrigues
  • Second and third prize: scholarships for 100% and 75%, respectively, to study a Master’s Degree in Legal Practice at Centro de Estudios Garrigues.
  • Finalists: Nine grants of 50% (one per finalist) to study a Master’s Degree in Legal Practice at Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

All winners and finalists will receive a diploma.


Final year law students at any national or foreign university who to date have an overall grade point average equal to or greater than the Spanish grade “Notable” (equivalent to a 2 on a 4-point scale).

Case study

The case study will consist of drafting and orally defending an opinion on a business law case study from a theoretical and practical standpoint.


To submit your application, you will need to send a photocopy of your identity card (DNI) or passport, academic transcript to date, and CV. The deadline for applications is 25 March 2020.

premio-jovenes-juristas-solicitud-participacion.pdf Download application form

Centro de Estudios Garrigues.
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Tel.: + 34 91 514 53 30.

Result of Young Lawyers Award 2019

The Young Lawyers Awards Panel, comprising José María Alonso Puig, Jorge Jaime de Fuentes Corripio, Eduardo María Valpuesta Gastaminza, Alberto de Martín Muñoz, José Ramón Martínez Jiménez. (acting as secretary), met at 10:00 am on May 6, 2019 at the Centro Europeo de Estudios Garrigues offices at Recoletos, no. 35, Madrid.

After analyzing the written opinions submitted by candidates and hearing their oral defense of their work, the Panel has taken the following resolutions:



ONE: To unanimously grant the XIX edition of the Young Lawyers Awards, organized by Fundación Garrigues and Centro de Estudios Garrigues, to the following individuals:

  • First place: Celia Herrero Cantó
  • Second place: Bárbara Montanari
  • Third place: María Rodrigo Muro

TWO: To grant a diploma certifying their knowledge as finalists of the XVIII Young Lawyers Awards for final-year law students to the following candidates:

  • Pilar Acha Urruticoechea
  • Francisco Benedito Muñoz
  • María Trinidad Cabrera Cabrera
  • María del Carmen Coello de Portugal Magallón
  • María Esteban Martínez
  • Pablo Fernández Hernández
  • Verónica Fernández Roldán
  • Alejandro Montanero García
  • Gonzalo Morales Gómezo

THREE: To thank all candidates for their participation and to congratulate them on their work.

Young Lawyers Award 2019 Ceremony

Dolores Delgado Garcia
Dolores Delgado García
Minister of Justice 
The Minister of Justice presents the 2019 Young Lawyers Awards

On June 13, Centro de Estudios Garrigues and Fundación Garrigues hosted the 2019 Young Lawyers Awards ceremony, presided over by the acting Minister of Justice Dolores Delgado García..

Celia Herrero Cantó, final year law student at Universidad de Alicante As the top awardee, she will receive a prize of €6,000 and a full scholarship to the Centro de Estudios Garrigues’ Master’s Degree in Legal Practice. The second and third place winners were also recognized during the ceremony, along with the nine finalists, and special recognition was given to Pedro José Femenía López, Dean of Law at Universidad de Alicante, the award winner’s university.

The Young Lawyers Awards have become a benchmark and one of the most important competitions of the year for law students aiming to put their legal knowledge and skills into practice. The purpose of the awards is to promote excellence in the knowledge and skilled practice of business law. Candidates must submit a written opinion and orally defend it before a panel of legal experts from the institutional, academic and business arenas.