Antonio Garrigues

Honorary Chairman of Garrigues

Garrigues is today the largest firm of lawyers and tax advisers in continental Europe. Almost all of the rankings published, regardless of their origin or the area of expertise to which they refer, rate Garrigues as one of the top legal service firms in Spain. This solid leading position, which has not been achieved by chance, can only be maintained through the unstinting efforts of all of the firm’s people to excel.

Law firm Garrigues has remained one step ahead of the times, guided as ever by a pioneering spirit and a desire to exceed expectations and be of service to the client. That spirit, which goes hand in hand with our commitment to quality, is the real driving force behind our growth, which has always received a resounding vote of confidence from the market, namely, the trust of our clients, to which we have always sought to respond with the three basic duties of our profession: diligence, loyalty and ethics.

The way we view the firm’s activity is in keeping with our commitment to society and, in particular, to legal research and training. One of the main features of our business model is our firm commitment to the training of our professionals and the promotion of training at the highest level through Centro de Estudios Garrigues which we invite you to get to know.