Executive Program in Entrepreneurship & Start-ups or Independent Specialization Modules

The program was created to cater to the need to sustain the ever-changing entrepreneurial environment with highly qualified professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge, skills and technological training.

It offers professionals and entrepreneurs a suitable framework not only for the integration and development of knowledge but also for the sharing of experiences and best practices to enable the successful implementation of innovative business ventures.

Aimed at:

Entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to pursue their activity in the world of business and start-ups, with a clear technological focus, while gaining a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of this special environment from a primarily practical standpoint.

In particular, the program is targeted at:

  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals looking to launch innovative ventures
  • Business owners aiming to reorient their business towards Web 2.0, expanding their online presence in order to sharpen their competitive edge
  • Executives and professionals who work at technology-based firms
  • Executives and professionals seeking to retrain and to incorporate the latest technological and strategic developments at their companies
  • Middle managers looking to improve their business knowledge and training with a view to upward mobility in their companies
  • People wishing to change career and fulfil their passion for entrepreneurship and technology
  • Recent graduates looking to develop their careers in the entrepreneurial and start-up environment
  • Duration: February - July (200 hours)
  • Start of selection process: November 2018
  • Timetable: Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and one or two Saturdays a month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Complete Executive Program

  • Course type: In person
  • Dedication: Part time
  • Total hours: 200 (160 teaching hours, 40 hours final report)
  • Tuition fees: €5,000 (2019-2020 fees)

Specialization modules

  • Course type: In person
  • Dedication: Part time
  • Total hours: 200 (160 teaching hours, 40 hours final report)
    • Module 1: Marketing and Communication for Start-ups / February and March
    • Module 2: Legal Aspects for Start-ups / April and May
    • Module 3: Start-up Funding / June and July
    • Integration Area: English for Start-ups
  • Tuition fees: *Consult fees by module.
Academic information


To ensure a comprehensive command of ICT tools and Web 2.0.

To provide the technological, economic and financial, legal, marketing and HR tools necessary to be able to successfully implement a viable business venture.

To offer support from institutions and prominent entrepreneurs.

To train competent, well-rounded entrepreneurs and professionals committed not only to entrepreneurship but also to society and the environment.


The program takes a practical approach with a sound conceptual grounding, bringing together the experience of the teaching staff and of the students and promoting networking.

Course synopsis