Executive Program in Sports Management

SBA Sport Business Administration

"The best professional football league in the world, combined with the expertise of Centro de Estudios Garrigues and law firm Garrigues and the backing of the National Sports Council, guarantee advanced training of the highest quality with a practical and professional approach"

The enormous physical and mental dedication required to be a professional athlete and the heavy time commitment mean that many professional athletes often find it difficult to be able to combine their professional activities with the academic training necessary to enable them to adequately build their future, following the end of their sporting career.

The transition from professional athlete to a new professional career should be planned for while athletes are still active and should be founded on the right choice of academic training.

The business transactions being performed in this industry and the consequent demand for professional advice are currently attracting the interest of professionals, advisers, business administration and law students who view this market as an area in which to specialize.

Conscious of this, Centro de Estudios Garrigues (a prestigious institution in the Spanish and international business community), law firm Garrigues (the leading law firm in mainland Europe), through its specialist Sports & Entertainment practice, and LaLiga have created a specialized sports training program designed to cater to the concerns of the groups at which it is aimed, resulting from the high level of knowledge of both the business world and the sports and entertainment industry shared by Centro de Estudios Garrigues and law firm Garrigues.


Aimed at

•  The program is aimed at elite athletes, whether currently active or retired, looking to pursue a sports-related career in the future.
•  It is also aimed at professionals from other industries who are interested in a career change, providing a sports industry immersion program to enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge to pursue any sports-related activity.
•  University graduates looking to pursue their professional career in the sports industry.

Duration: From November 2020 through June 2021 
Start of selection process: Currently open 
Timetable: Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
Course type: In Person 
Dedication: Part time 
Total hours: 122 hours 
Tuition fees: €7,000

Academic information


  • To provide an overall understanding of the sports industry and of other essential business aspects to enable students, on completion of the program, to pursue a professional career, whether independently or as part of any organization operating in the sports or entertainment industry
  • To offer a practical approach, ensuring all theoretical aspects are illustrated with meaningful examples to enable students to better grasp each issue analyzed.
  • Compatible with students’ professional or academic activities in other areas.
  • No specific prior training in business or sports law is required.
  • Backed by top sporting institutions, offering an in-depth and practical overview of the industry.


Teaching Staff

The program will be taught by esteemed professionals in the sports, legal and business industries, able to provide the quality of teaching that Centro de Estudios Garrigues demands.


Students will receive extensive practical documentation on all aspects covered by the course.


On completing the program, students will receive a diploma awarded by Centro de Estudios Garrigues and law firm Garrigues.

Course synopsis