International Mobility Management Workshop: Expatraites and Inbound Expatriates

Experts in the management of expatriate workers will have the opportunity to comprehensively address the problems that arise in managing both the international mobility of internal professionals and the recruitment of professionals abroad.

The program comprises 5 modules, in which participants will work on exercises that are key to successful international mobility management.


Aimed at

Human resources professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of the management of expatriates and inbound expatriates from a practical standpoint.

Start date

25 February


Monday from 18.00 to 21,30 hours

Total hours

17.5 hours


1,400 euros

A discount of 25% will apply for two or more applications from the same company. 
A 30% discount will be applied for the Center's alumni of long-lasting programs.





As a result of the globalization of markets and the current financial climate, Spanish companies have undergone a significant process of internationalization. The aim of the program is to analyze all aspects that need to be taken into account in order to successfully manage international worker mobility.