In Company Training


Centro de Estudios Garrigues offers executive training solutions to professionals from all types of organizations (financial institutions, industrial companies and services firms, official bodies and professional associations) in the shape of tailor-made programs, designed following a joint analysis of the current and future objectives to be met, as well as the specific challenges faced by each company.

These training programs are designed to cater to specific needs that require a high degree of specialization in the tax and finance, commercial and labor areas, and in business management, human resources and the development of management skills. The programs are characterized by their specific design and flexibility, both in terms of their duration (seminars, workshops, specialist courses or master’s degrees) and learning formats (on-site, online and blended).



Why choose Centro de Estudios Garrigues?

The trust placed in the Center by professionals at leading companies reflects our extensive technical expertise and teaching skills, which constitute a safe option for clients.

The hallmarks of the In-Company training offered by Centro de Estudios Garrigues are:

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Methodology: we design training programs specific to each sector and industry

The methodology used in the In-Company training programs designed by Centro de Estudios Garrigues is notable for its highly practical approach, bringing real-world experience to training.

Thanks to the broad professional and teaching experience of Centro de Estudios’ teaching staff, the programs designed offer training solutions tailored to the specific issues of each sector and industry. Each course is taught by professionals who not only habitually deal with companies in the relevant sector but also have extensive experience in advising on the specific issues addressed by each program.