Conference Present and future of eSports

The eSports phenomenon is probably one of the most attractive of the market. Therefore, videogames competitions showed a rise both national and internationally which called the attention of everybody due to its situation and peculiarities.

It is estimated that the eSports sector billed nearly 15 million euros in 2017 just in Spain, one of the leading countries in this sector. Besides, some studies point to a growth exceeding the 30% in 2021.

Unlike other surrounding countries, in Spain there is not a specific regulation of some aspects of the industry of eSports. Nevertheless, as it is obvious, the complexity of this phenomenon gives it a huge relevance for all the different branches of Law.

The conference we suggest, aims to let the main actors of eSports in Spain express their thoughts and discuss, as well as think over the current situation of the industry and the most adequate way of facing the challenges it will encounter in the following years. All of that from a legal and practical perspective with the opinions of the most prominent professionals of the business.


Start date

October 18, 2018


From 9:00 to 13:30


Centro de Estudios Garrigues Paseo de Recoletos 35, 28004 Madrid