Workshop on Taxation of Compensation and Severance

In the current climate, and as a result of the publication of the tax reform which amended the Personal Income Tax Law, many companies, both listed and unlisted, are reviewing their compensation systems to identify opportunities for improving the taxation of the compensation package.

These alternatives include both the so-called flexible compensation plans for employees and share-based incentives schemes and alternatives to pension plans. In addition, in the case of employees with international responsibilities, Spanish legislation permits the application of certain tax advantages.

This workhops seeks to perform a comprehensive analysis of the different tax implications entailed by each component of the compensation package.


Aimed at

HR professionals involved in the compensation management, professionals from tax and financial departments seeking to gain a better understanding of the tax implications of salary income: compensation in cash, compensation in kind, per diems, bonuses and incentives, flexible compensation elements, etc.

Start date

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Total hours

12.5 hours


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