Tax Executive workshops

Professionals in the fields of tax and financial advice require specialized training focused on the following guidelines:

  • Conduct of real case studies
  • Implementation of knowledge learnt
  • Limited time available

Taking this into consideration, Centro de Estudios Garrigues, in collaboration with renowned speakers, has developed a series of specialized workshops for professionals working in the field of tax and financial advice.

  • Corporate Income Tax: Practical Application
  • Taxation of Business Restructuring Transactions
  • Taxation of Compensation and Severance
  • Transfer Pricing

In these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to explore the main tax issues that arise in a variety of coorporate transactions, enabling them to adopt appropiate preventive measures and improve tax management.

In order to consolidate the knowledge acquired, students will conduct real case studies, receiving advice from experts.


Aimed at

Tax law and financial professionals looking to gain deeper insight into different areas of taxation, or to expand their knowledge of the implications of other taxes that are not their specialty.

Start date

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Total hours

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