Transfer Pricing Workshop

What are the most problematic aspects of preparing and updating transfer pricing documentation?

How should a tax inspection in this area be approached and what are the implications of transfer pricing adjustments?

What other tax, accounting and legal issue arise in the dat-to-day management of intragroup transactions?

What mechanisms are there to prevent or eliminate cases of international double taxation in relation to tranfer pricing?

This program will cover all these issues from a very practical perspective, analyzing: the content of the documentation obligations, the advisor's points of view when approaching a tax inspection, and the techniques for preparing comparability and economic analyses.


Aimed at

Financial directors, administrative directors, tax and accounting directors, directors of tax and legal departments and management professionals that come up against these issues in their day-to-day work.

Start date

22 May


from 18:30 to 21:30 hours

Total hours

21 hours


1,450 euros





The main objectives of the Transfer Pricing Specialization Program are:

  • To study in depth the issues faced by a company when managing its transactions with related parties.
  • To know how to prepare all the documentation required by legislation, sustain an ongoing process of compilation and analyze the information needed to prepare that documentation, and how to implement the transfer pricing policy within the group.
  • To analyze issues relating to tax inspections, learning the key to proceedings, valuations and arbitration mechanisms before the inspection bodies.
  • To analyze the comparability criteria and the selection of transfer pricing method according to type of transaction.
  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of the commercial implications of transfer pricing adjustments.