Programa Executive en Tecnologías Digitales, Transformación y Disrupción en el Sector Financiero: Fintech


Aimed at

This course is aimed at anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the Fintech world, in order to take strategic decisions, manage risks and tackle the regulatory challenges in this area.

In particular, the program is targeted at:

  • Executives and professionals operating in the financial sector, the financial institution B2B sector and the audit and financial consulting sectors.
  • Entrepreneurs and executives taking on business projects in the Fintech and Insurtech arenas.
  • Professionals working with private equity funds, corporate ventures, angel investors and investment vehicles holding or planning to hold interests in Fintech and/or Insurtech companies.
  • Professionals needing to take business decisions requiring knowledge of digital technologies and their implications for the financial sector.
  • Other professionals from companies or firms aiming to acquire, complete or update their knowledge about Fintech and Insurtech
  • Final-year university students seeking a competitive edge and aiming to gain expertise in the new economic and business models arising from the financial sector digital revolution
  • Duration: The programme will take place in june 2020
  • Start of selection process: November 2019
  • Timetable: 6:00 PM to 9.30 PM
  • Course type: On-Site
  • Dedication: Part time
  • Total hours: 21 hours
  • Tuition fees: €2,250 (2019-2020 fees)
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