Master's Degree in Legal Practice - Business Specialty

Master's Degree for Access to the Legal Profession - Business Law

The Master’s Degree for Access to the Legal Profession at Centro de Estudios Garrigues ranked best master’s for access to the legal profession 2021/2022 by the prestigious Top 250 Masters ranking compiled by El Mundo and Expansión

The Business Law specialty of the Master’s Degree in Legal Practice is aimed at law graduates wishing to acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills to practice as lawyers at law firms and corporate legal departments, through the integration of the different fields of law, thereby enabling them to advise clients from both a corporate/commercial standpoint and on labor, tax and procedural matters.


Aimed at

Graduates un Law or equivalent, pursuant to Royal Decree 775/2011.


To offer comprehensive training to students looking to practice as lawyers, through the acquisition of knowledge and the development of the necessary skills for the exercise of this specialist profession.


On successful completion of the master’s degree, students will be awarded a “Master’s Degree in Legal Practice” postgraduate qualification from Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and a Master’s Degree in the student’s chosen specialty from Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

  • Duration:
    • October Call (October 2020 to June 2021)
    • February Call (February 2021 to December 2021)
  • Start of selection process: From October 2020
  • Timetable: From 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m, some activities may be scheduled in the afternoon
  • Course type: In Person
  • Dedication: Full time
  • Tuition fees: €28,000 (2019-2020 fees)
  • Total credits: 90 ECTS. 12 ECTS per registration and teaching period
  • Number of places offered: 360

Student Profile


Academic information

Director y responsable del título

Director del Máster: D. Juan Cayón Peña
Director de la especialidad Empresarial: D. Pablo Olábarri Gortázar
Responsable de la especialidad Empresarial: Dª María Fernanda Gómez Guerrero
Contacto: Av. de Fernando Alonso, 8, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, Telf. 915 14 53 30


Profesores Porcentaje de profesores doctores Porcentaje de profesores doctores acreditados
110 76% 63%


Este dato se desglosa en:

  • Profesores abogados, con más de tres años de ejercicio de la profesión:  57
  • Profesores académicos: 53
  • Profesores doctores: 33
  • Profesores doctores acreditados: 16

Distribución de porcentajes del profesorado del título:

  • Profesorado perfil profesional: 51,82%
  • Profesorado perfil académico: 48,18%
  • Profesores doctores: 76%*
  • Profesores doctores acreditados: 63%*

Todos los perfiles profesionales cuentan con más de 3 años de ejercicio profesional activo como abogados ejercientes.

*De conformidad con lo previsto en el art. 7.3 del RD 420/2015, a los efectos del cálculo de los porcentajes de profesores doctores y profesores doctores acreditados, el número total de profesores se computará sobre el equivalente en dedicación a tiempo completo.




The content of each specialty is designed with practicing professionals in mind and with a view to supplementing the training of recent law graduates in order to tailor their skills to the profile sought by national and international companies, law firms and financial institutions.

Practical Application

The different programs are designed to strike the right balance between theory and practice. In other words, they combine a solid, well-structured theoretical base with its indispensable practical application in the business world.

An all-embracing approach

We offer an all-embracing approach to the materials studied, using case studies based on real national and international business scenarios and combining a range of disciplines. This allows students to gain an overall perspective of problems and encourages them to be creative in their search for innovative solutions.

New Technologies

All programs promote the learning and use of new technologies. In addition to offering IT seminars, we have a WiFi network that facilitates internet access and access to specialist databases. Furthermore, our Intranet enables students to communicate among themselves and with Center staff, as well as access a range of information sources: grades, academic calendars, alumni lists, library catalog, invitations and calls to various events, job advertisements, online courses, and so on.


In order to facilitate student participation in the sound running of each program, a student committee is set up for each master’s degree course to ensure a permanent communication channel with Center Management.

Skills and Attitudes

In addition to the acquisition of knowledge, the Center seeks to encourage the full development of professional skills and attitudes, such as a sense of responsibility, the ability to communicate, negotiation skills, and a willingness to cooperate and work in a team.

Salidas profesionales

A los 3 meses de la finalización de los programas, el índice de colocación de los alumnos supera el 90% en despachos profesionales de primer nivel, y en los servicios jurídicos de multinacionales y grandes empresas nacionales y extranjeras.
A continuación, enumeramos algunas de las empresas donde los alumnos del Máster en Práctica Jurídica han realizado sus prácticas o están desarrollando su carrera profesional:

  • Abdón Pedrajas
  • Adarve Abogados
  • Afiens
  • Alemany Abogados
  • Aliseda
  • Andersen Tax & Legal
  • Aqualia
  • Baker & Mackenzie
  • Banco Santander
  • Barrilero Bilbao
  • Bartolome & Briones
  • BDO
  • Bird & Bird
  • Broseta Abogados
  • Cazorla Abogados
  • Ceca Magán Abogados
  • Clifford Chance Abogados
  • CMS Albiñana Abogados
  • Cuatrecasas Abogados
  • Deloitte
  • DLA Pipe
  • EY
  • FCC
  • Garrido Abogados
  • Garrigues Abogados
  • Herbert Smith
  • Hogan lovells
  • Indra
  • ING direct
  • Fortis Intertrust
  • KPMG
  • Lener Abogados
  • Linklaters Abogados
  • López-Ibor Abogados
  • Llorente y Cuenca Abogados
  • Mazars Abogados
  • Montero Aramburu Abogados
  • Navarro abogados
  • Ontier Abogados
  • Pérez – Llorca Abogados
  • PKF Attest
  • PWC
  • Ramón y Cajal Abogados
  • SEUR
  • Uría Abogados
  • Vanegas abogados
  • Vela Energy
  • Watson Farley


All specialties of the Master’s Degree in Legal Practice include an internship assigned a total of 30 ECTS credits, completed after the end of the teaching period.

Internships are completed at law firms and companies with which Centro de Estudios Garrigues has agreements.

acuerdos-empresas.pdf Consult the companies we have an agreement with

Final Professional Competence Exam

The Law on Access to the Legal Profession (Law 34/2006, of October 30, 2006) establishes that in order to gain the professional qualification of lawyer, candidates must pass a final professional competence exam.

The exam is set at least once a year, with all candidates sitting the same exam throughout Spain.

Centro de Estudios Garrigues offers exam preparation resources to all students of the Master’s Degree in Legal Practice.

The written exam consists of two sections, sat on the same day:

  • A multiple choice test. The grade from this test will be added to that obtained in the training course, with a 20% weighting. Failure to pass the first section of the test will halt the marking of the second section. In other words, it is eliminatory.
  • A case study chosen by the student from among various options.

The final grade will be fit to practice or unfit to practice

The law expressly stipulates that the Ministry of Justice will provide an up-to-date practical guide on the examination process, as well as its content, on its website.


Normas de matrícula

Rules and continuance

Recognition and transfer of credits

For the purposes provided in the applicable legislation in force, in order to ensure student mobility, recognition means the acceptance by Universidad Antonio de Nebrija of credits which, having been obtained on officially recognized courses, at this or any other university, are taken into account on other courses for the purpose of obtaining an officially recognized qualification. The following credits obtained by students will be recognized in new courses:

  • a) Credits corresponding to core subjects of qualifications belonging to the same branch of knowledge.
  • b) Credits corresponding to core subjects on the intended degree that come from qualifications in other branches of knowledge.
  • c) Other credits may be recognized by the University by taking into account skills and knowledge associated with the subjects studied by the student and those provided in the syllabus, or multidisciplinary skills and knowledge.

Credit transfer involves the inclusion in the official academic transcript of the courses taken by each student of credits obtained in previous officially recognized courses, at this or any other university, that did not lead to the obtainment of an official qualification.

Credit recognition and/or transfer must be requested by the student on enrollment. Exceptionally, a different time period may be established with express authorization. Students must also pay the fees stipulated for such purpose.

Students must present the following documentation to the Course Secretary’s Office:

  • Academic transcript (original or officially certified photocopy) indicating the name of the subjects, type, number of ECTS credits and the grade obtained by the student.
  • In the case of credits referred to under letters b) and c) above, a detailed syllabus must be submitted (stamped original or officially certified photocopy).

The University may also request any additional documentation it sees fit. The Course Secretary’s Office will send the submitted documentation to the Academic Committee of each department, which will decide whether to accept or reject the credit recognition and/or transfer request.

All credits obtained by the student on officially recognized courses studied at any university, any transferred, recognized and passed for the obtainment of the relevant qualification will be included in their academic transcript and reflected in the Diploma Supplement, if so requested.

Recursos materiales y servicios

El Centro de Estudios Garrigues desarrolla su actividad académica en el Campus ubicado en la Avda. Fernando Alonso, 8 28108 de Alcobendas. El edificio del Campus tiene una superficie de 17251,58 m2, en donde el Centro de Estudios Garrigues dispone de 10 aulas, despachos, salas de trabajo, laboratorios docentes y laboratorios de investigación repartidos en planta baja del edificio.

El campus de Alcobendas ha sido concebido, desde su construcción, como un espacio dedicado a la formación, y sus ventajas se perciben desde que el alumno entra en él, ya que todas las necesidades que acompañan a lo estrictamente académico están pensadas para que la experiencia del estudiante sea inmejorable, y que pueda desarrollar aquellas competencias profesionales y relacionales que son propias de ese período formativo. Dispone de espacios especializados para la docencia práctica e independiente de las aulas y salas de tutorías y está dotada de más espacios destinados al uso exclusivo del profesorado, para facilitar el desarrollo de las labores de tutorías e investigación.

En el semisótano del edificio se encuentra el Área de Cafetería y sus instalaciones, así como el Área de Biblioteca o Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación (CRAI) y el Servicio de Reprografía.

El edificio cuenta con el soporte de los servicios técnicos (TIC) centralizados para todas aquellas cuestiones relacionadas con incidencias técnicas que puedan surgir. Dispone de servicio de garaje propio para el personal, con capacidad para 450 plazas entre plazas exteriores e interiores.

Dispone de un espacio abierto de comunicación e intercambio para impulsar iniciativas relacionadas con el emprendimiento personal, empleado para integración de proyectos y trabajo colaborativo entre estudiantes.

En lo referente a las áreas más relacionadas con la convivencia y el ocio, el campus de Alcobendas, está diseñado para favorecer el networking entre todos los estudiantes, con amplios espacios de comedor, en el que los alumnos disponen de zona de restauración con servicio externo, además de mantener un área para aquellos alumnos que lleven su propia comida.

El campus provee de otros espacios de gran utilidad para un entorno formativo como es un salón de grados, que permite la celebración de actos académicos de mayor envergadura a los habituales, y la asistencia de los alumnos a conferencias de interés que resulten de carácter complementario a su actividad normal, y un entorno ajardinado que, igualmente, permite realizar actividades de integración y socialización, tan imprescindibles para los alumnos que han elegido el Centro para impulsar su carrera profesional futura.

En el año 2018 se puso en marcha un servicio de lanzadera de autobuses que permite acceder al campus desde Madrid, facilitando el transporte del personal y de los estudiantes sin medio de transporte propio hasta las instalaciones.

Además de los recursos enumerados anteriormente, los alumnos del Centro de Estudios Garrigues tienen acceso a las instalaciones y servicios de los diferentes campus de la Universidad de Nebrija, incluyendo la Biblioteca física y virtual y el Global campus.

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