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Antonio Garrigues

Honorary president of Garrigues

Today, Garrigues is the largest law and tax advisory firm in continental Europe. Almost all rankings published, regardless of their source or focus, include us among the leading legal services firms in Spain. Such a strong leadership position is not achieved by chance, nor can it be maintained without a continuous effort to improve. An effort made by every professional working at the firm.

Garrigues has been ahead of its time, always guided by a spirit of innovation, drive to excel, and dedication to our clients. This mindset — and our commitment to quality — has been the true driving force behind our growth, always guided by our clients’ complete confidence. In other words, we have always sought to live up to our clients’ confidence by upholding the three basic tenets of our profession: diligence, loyalty, and ethics.

Our commitment to society, particularly in the field of legal research and training, is an integral part of our firm’s activities. One of our business model’s key features is our unwavering commitment to the training of our professionals — and the promotion of training at the highest level — through Centro de Estudios Garrigues, which we invite you to discover.

Félix Plaza

President of Centro de Estudios Garrigues

Centro de Estudios Garrigues is a private institution with ties to Spanish law firm Garrigues, created with the aim of placing the firm’s professional experience and legal and business know-how at the service of society.

Since it was founded, in 1994, Centro de Estudios Garrigues has become a leading academic institution, with the various programmes we offer having earned widespread recognition in the market and among the educational community.

Our purpose and firm commitment have always been to provide excellence in education, innovate, anticipate the future, and offer our students all the tools they need to develop both as individuals and as professionals.

Such objectives can only be met by having the best faculty and, of course, the best students. We want the best to train the best. This virtuous circle that results from the pooling of talent in the classroom makes each programme taught at Centro de Estudios Garrigues absolutely unique.

Today, we are proud to see our students working at the highest levels of responsibility in the best companies.

I invite you to join our community and help us continue to build a future based on rigour, expertise, and ethics.

Warm regards.

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