Executive Course on Digital Technologies, Transformation and Disruption in the Financial Sector: Fintech

Versatile and highly-qualified professionals are needed to respond to the digital transformation in sectors that are sensitive to technological changes, such as the financial sector. This program prepares professionals to meet these needs.

The digital revolution is changing the face of the financial services market, spurring key movements in existing players and paving the way for many new players to enter the market. The sector is also seeing new strategic partnerships and projects, with special focus on disruptive changes aimed at generating innovative business and service models for new products and markets and seeking to lock in greater efficiency, improved client experience and enhanced risk management

In order to operate in this new playing field and maximize the related opportunities, it is necessary to understand these new participants and the new service and business models. Moreover, it is critical to be aware of the attendant business management challenges when designing and implementing an appropriate strategy, when adapting and revising risk management systems (in a scenario in which information technologies are becoming increasingly critical for players and in which cyber threats are becoming more and more common) and when addressing the regulatory challenges arising in this transformation process.


Aimed at

This course is aimed at anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the Fintech world, in order to take strategic decisions, manage risks and tackle the regulatory challenges in this area.

In particular, the program is targeted at:

  • Executives and professionals operating in the financial sector, the financial institution B2B sector and the audit and financial consulting sectors.
  • Entrepreneurs and executives taking on business projects in the Fintech and Insurtech arenas.
  • Professionals working with private equity funds, corporate ventures, angel investors and investment vehicles holding or planning to hold interests in Fintech and/or Insurtech companies.
  • Professionals needing to take business decisions requiring knowledge of digital technologies and their implications for the financial sector.
  • Other professionals from companies or firms aiming to acquire, complete or update their knowledge about Fintech and Insurtech
  • Final-year university students seeking a competitive edge and aiming to gain expertise in the new economic and business models arising from the financial sector digital revolution
  • Duration: The programme will take place in june 2020
  • Start of selection process: November 2019
  • Timetable: 6:00 PM to 9.30 PM
  • Course type: On-Site
  • Dedication: Part time
  • Total hours: 21 hours
  • Tuition fees: €2,250