Centro de Estudios Garrigues

Antonio Garrigues Antonio Garrigues
Honorary Chairman of Garrigues

Garrigues is today the largest firm of lawyers and tax advisers in continental Europe. Almost all of the rankings published, regardless of their origin or the area of expertise to which they refer, rate Garrigues as one of the top legal service firms in Spain. This solid leading position, which has not been achieved by chance, can only be maintained through the unstinting efforts of all of the firm’s people to excel.

Law firm Garrigues has remained one step ahead of the times, guided as ever by a pioneering spirit and a desire to exceed expectations and be of service to the client. That spirit, which goes hand in hand with our commitment to quality, is the real driving force behind our growth, which has always received a resounding vote of confidence from the market, namely, the trust of our clients, to which we have always sought to respond with the three basic duties of our profession: diligence, loyalty and ethics.

The way we view the firm’s activity is in keeping with our commitment to society and, in particular, to legal research and training. One of the main features of our business model is our firm commitment to the training of our professionals and the promotion of training at the highest level through Centro de Estudios Garrigues which we invite you to get to know.

Felix Plaza Félix Plaza
Director of Centro de Estudios Garrigues

Centro de Estudios Garrigues is a private institution with ties to the law firm Garrigues and which was created with the aim of placing the professional experience and knowledge acquired by the firm in the field of business law at the service of society.

Since its creation in 1994, Centro de Estudios Garrigues has become a benchmark for training, with the different programs it offers held in the highest regard in the market and the academic community.

Our goal and our firm commitment has always been to teach excellence, to innovate, to anticipate future needs and to offer our students everything they need to help them grow, both as individuals and as professionals.

These goals can only be reached with the best teaching staff and, naturally, with the best students. We want the best to train the best. The virtuous circle created as a result of the combination of talent in the classroom makes the programs taught at the Center entirely unique.

Today we feel proud to see our alumni working in positions of major responsibility at the best companies.

I invite you to join our community and help us to continue building a future based on rigor, knowledge and ethics.

Kind regards

Why study with us?

Center affiliated to Universidad Nebrija

The legislative developments arising in the wake of the Bologna process and new regulations for access to the legal profession have meant that universities and teaching centers need to adapt to new structures and requirements in order to offer officially approved courses.

Against this backdrop, Centro de Estudios Garrigues has seen fit to ensure not only that it can give its programs the seal of quality synonymous with the Center, but also that its courses are accorded fully official status and can therefore be immediately recognized and validated for the purposes of meeting official training requirements.

With this aim in mind, and in order to be able to embark on new joint projects, in 2009 Centro de Estudios Garrigues signed an affiliation agreement with Universidad Nebrija, a renowned institution.

In addition to full official recognition from ANECA (National Quality Assessment Accreditation Agency) of all master’s degree programs offered by Centro de Estudios Garrigues, the collaboration between the two institutions has introduced new activities, such as the course for access to the legal profession, PhDs in areas related to the law, which are especially targeted at legal practitioners and the creation and development of new programs geared towards the international expansion of teaching activities at both institutions.

This alliance with Universidad Nebrija will open up a new world of future development opportunities, both for the Center and for the University, that will have a positive impact on the standard of education offered to date by both institutions in the fields of law and business.

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